Eldy is software that turns any standard PC into an easy-to-use computer, and is designed for people that have never used a computer before. It Provides a simple six button screen that allows the user to check their email, browse the internet, chat, video conference, create & view documents & pictures, skype and much more. It is 100% free to download & use and there are no advertisments! It is also available in multiple languages.

It is available for Windows & Linux computers, Mac computers & Android tablets.

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Download ELDY for PC - click here


Download ELDY for Android - click here


Download ELDY for Linux - click here



Download ELDY for Mac - click here


If you require more information or need help installing & setting up ELDY software contact Terry on 1300 136679 or click here to visit our website.


www technologytraining.net.au


ELDY is provided free of charge - www.eldy.eu